Web資料--- Electronic Appendix
関伸一. 2010. トカラ列島における皆既日食で観察された鳥類の音声行動の変化. Bird Research 6: A1-A11.
Seki, S. 2010. Unusual avian vocal behavior during the total solar eclipse in the Tokara Islands, southern Japan. Bird Research 6: A1-A11.

Web資料 1. 2009年 7月22日10:53〜10:55のC地点での録音記録 (皆既開始は10:53:39). 前半1分ではアカショウビンが鳴き,最後の30秒にリュウキュウコノハズクが鳴いている.
Electronic Appendix 1. Sound record from 10:53 to 10:55 on 22 July 2009, at recording point C (totality began at 10:53:39). Halcyon coromanda called frequently during the first 1 min, and Otus elegans called during the last 30 s.



Web資料 2. 2009年 7月21日10:53〜10:55のB地点での録音記録. 昼行性の種の鳴き声が多く記録されている.
Electronic Appendix 2. Sound record from 10:53 to 10:55 on 21 July 2009, at recording point B. Songs and calls of diurnal species are heard often on usual days.



Web資料 3. 皆既日食発生時間帯の鳴き声の頻度(カラー版). 2009年7月22日,雷雨のち曇り,西の風,風速6m/s, 気温24.2℃, 降水量 8mm/2hr.
Electronic Appendix 3. Frequency of songs and calls recorded during the solar eclipse (Color painted figures; 22 Jul 2009; weather: thunder showers, later cloudy; wind direction & velocity: W6m/s; air temperature: 24.2℃; rain fall: 8mm/2hr).

Web資料 4. 皆既日食前日(a)および翌日(b)の鳴き声の頻度(カラー版).a)2009年7月21日,薄曇り,西北西の風,風速6m/s, 気温27.4℃,b)2009年7月23日,曇り,西の風,風速2m/s, 気温27.1℃.
Electronic Appendix 4. Frequency of songs and calls recorded the day before (a) and after (b) the total solar eclipse during the same midday period (Color painted figures). (a) 21 Jul 2009; weather: mostly cloudy; wind direction & velocity: WSW6m/s; air temperature: 27.4℃, (b) 23 Jul 2009; weather: cloudy; wind direction & velocity: W2m/s; air temperature: 27.1℃.

Web資料 5. 日出(a)および日出時刻 (b) の鳴き声の頻度(カラー版;2009年7月19日,晴れ,西北西の風,風速4-5m/s, 気温26.8-28.1℃).
Electronic Appendix 5. Frequency of songs and calls recorded around sunrise (a) and sunset (b; Color painted figures; 19 July 2009: weather: sunny; wind direction & velocity: WSW4-5m/s; air temperature: 26.8-28.1℃).